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 Zompocalypse {Incomplete}

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PostSubject: Zompocalypse {Incomplete}   Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:23 pm

I made this story a LONG time ago and kept it in my documents. Anyway, hope you guys like it so far.


Well, tonight was the night that was said to be the last night of the world on the official Mayan calendar. The Apocalypse now lives up to action on this night. The one day that was suppose to be the last day of the world turned out to be a whole week of frantic hell as we lay running, killing, hiding... for our lives. The day before the first day of the week of the Apocalypse was when it all started from being a very good day to the next day outcoming as hell, and getting worse.
The Day Before the First Day of Dreadness
Derik was a nice boy. He was 19 years old and lived in a large neighborhood in Kansas. He had a job as a trainee docter. His life was never horid, but he will soon find out what is going to happen in his last days of daemonistic life.

"...Derik?! Wake up" said Derik's mother Angie.
"Derik, it's time for school. Get up now; We don't have all morning, son."
Derik rises from his bed with his eyes as dim as the morning's first drift of night.
Angie, after waking her son up, walked off to make breakfast for her boy Derik. Derik walks to his dresser to randomly pick out some nice looking clothes to wear for school, and he then went off to take a nice shower.
Ten minutes has passed, and Derik is already out of the shower eating his breakfast prepared by his mother at the kitchen table.
"Derik, you seem very tired" said Angie. "I told you not to go out for long with your friends"
"Yes mother, I'm always tired every morning I get up for school" Derik said in a sleepful voice while staring into the TV.
-Beep- -Beep- "Looks like my bus is here. Love you mom. I'll be back later!"
"I love you too baby, have a wonderful day" said Angie while stirring her cup of coffee.
As Derik gets to the school, he hears his friends talking about tomorrow would be the first day of the Apocalypse. Derik eavesdrops more, and he learns how frightening it would be to----
"Hey Derik!" said Krystal, Derik's best friend since second grade.
"Hey!" said Derik in astonishment.
"You wanna go out to the movies tonight, and know.. hang out?"
"Sure, Derik. I would love to! So, at 9 'o clock?"
"Definitely, see you there" said Derik while he was secretly dreaming.
The school day ended and Derik went home to play Guitar Hero. Hours passed until he finally realized that he forgot to meet Krystal. Derik calls Krystal on his cell phone.
"Krystal! I'm so sorry! I forgot all about the movie thing."
The phone cuts off. It was exactly 12:00 midnight when the power went out, and Derik and his parents could not wait for the power to get back on. Derik's father has missed the Detroits game that he was so longing to see. It had just got into the end of Halftime during midnight. Angie was busy setting her virtual to-do list in her control panel on her computer. The family had to sleep and wait until the morning for the power to come on.
We finally made it through the night in the dark and had the power running the first thing in the morning. My dad had to set the TV back on the right channel. Once he got it back on the Channel 8 News, there was a sudden Public Service Announcement. There were films on people that mysteriously died, how dogs were viciously ripped to shreads, and how something unknown was happening. There were several people that reported they saw people eating other people, and the vicious cannibals were everywhere. Then, the general news discussion appeared and showed that today is finally the beggining of the week where the eclipse will be active everywhere on Earth for a whole week. The countdown for the eclipse just now started and was prominantly starting at ten minutes as the News camera was displaying the sun and the moon in action. As the countdown became lower, the light grew darker. We stood outside staring at the moon and sun. The eclipse finally finished and locked itself in place. I went back inside to watch the general News, and I stood still for a moment just observing. There were dozens of more reports about citizens being attacked by cannibalistic people in the town until all of the reoports turned to a huge disaster which cause everyone to enter into there homes and lock their doors. We kept watching the news, and saw more and more until we saw something that we wouldn't expect. The News camera drops and everyone is screaming. We don't know what's happening. We got tons of phone calls from our neighbors asking what's going on next door. There was screaming coming from everywhere as my dad walked outside to see what was going on. My mom and I also went to look. People were running, screaming, and being attacked by other people that I have never seen before. What was going on? What is happening? Our neighbors told us to get back inside, but before we did, my dad was gone to go help one of our other neighbors that was being attacked and bitten by some unknown man. He pulls the man off and screams for us to get inside. The dad has taken the terroristic man into least understanding as me and my mom were forced to watch my dad getting tore off bit by bit. I grabbed the baseball bat laying on the ground, and I hit the unknown stranger in the back of the head. He was still attached to my dad and just sitting there biting him. I kept hitting the man until he started bleeding to death, and he finally fell over. I told my horrified crying mom to go get a wet rag to help my dad. I felt for a pulse, but I was unlucky. My mom walked out of the house with a rag, and I came up to her to give her a huge hug. I forced her to go with me inside. We stood in front of the curtained window just watching these vicious, cannibalistic men eating at my father. We saw our other neighbor named Sam walking in the road. I told my mom I will help him to come in with us as he was a lonely, poor 36 year old man with his family lost in a tragic accident. We didn't wanna lose him.
"Sam! Sam! Over here!" I screamed out in a whisper. He turns to look at me, then he slowly walks up. From the angle, it looked like his eye was torn out so I ran up to him. When I got closer, I saw his eye was torn out, so I grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him towards our house so we can bring him in for shelter and quick help. He forced back and just stared at me.
"Sam, come on. Hurry. They are going to see us. We need to hide in our basement. Let's go."
Sam just stood there and finally looks at me.
"Sam, come on. Let's go!"
He then places his hand on the side of my head and opens his mouth to try to bite my neck. I force back. He comes closer to me. I still walk back. I then grab the baseball bat that was laying on the ground.
"Sam, are you ok? Come on, we need to sew that eye back together, dude. I can help. Remember, I'm a trainee."
He then makes a weird roaring noise like what you would hear off some vampire movie. I hear screaming from inside of my house, and I knew it was my mom. I jotted quickly inside and saw my mom trapped between two corners of the kitchen by two strangers- One female, and one male.
"Get the hell away from my mom" I said while slinging my bat at the one of the strangers' head. He turns around and starts coming towards me.
"I said get the hell away!"
"Derik, run. Now!" said my mom. I sling my bat at the stranger's face, but he grabs it right when I was an inch near his nose. He throws the bat on the ground, and I was forced to the other side of the kitchen. I remembered there was a gun in the draw. I opened the draw, took the gun and pointed it directly at the man's head.
"Get the f*ck back" I said. "I said get the f*ck back!"
He kept coming closer until I had to pull the trigger. The shot frightened the other stranger, and drew her attention to me. I then took down two lives that evening, and I felt disgusted about it. My mom was scratched by the female stranger, and I had to aid her with stitches. We had cried ourselves to sleep in the basement that night. I killed two people and my father is now dead.

The next morning arrives, but still darkness is here. I wake up and look around. I couldn't find my mom. I checked all of the rooms in the house until I finally came to the kitchen. There was a woman bending down and picking at one of the strangers that I shot; after quietly leaning over to see what was happening, I found out that the woman eating the stranger's. I jolted back and said "What did you do with my mom". The woman turns around in shock. I knew then when I saw her face that it was my mother.
"Mo-o-m.." I gulped. "What are you doing?" She stood up and walked slowly towards me. I knew she was infected like the others. I quickly grabbed the keys for the car out of my pocket and ran outside while being chased by my infected mother. I finally got the car to start, and I got the hell out of the neighborhood with a couple of crazed people trying to tackle the car to destruction, but I finally managed to get out with nothing else with me and my tears. I knew I had to find my friends and help them. I decided to drive to Krystal's apartment, but the unexpectancy is still to come.
To be continued..
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PostSubject: Re: Zompocalypse {Incomplete}   Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:50 pm

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Zompocalypse {Incomplete}
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