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 Robbie The HedgeBoy Game NOT FINSHED

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Robbie The HedgeBoy


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PostSubject: Robbie The HedgeBoy Game NOT FINSHED   Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:47 pm

Im working on my game called Robbie the HedgeBoy here is what i have of it so far...

Good title screen huh? and yes the red hedgehog is me XD

His sprite[too lazy to post his other sprites]

AGAIN ME dont i look cool? XD

Pretty good huh? now if you have any ideas for the game tell me and can you help me for some stuff?

Voice actors[some chars already have their voice ]

here are some voice jobs avalibe

Announcer[person who says CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!]
Darkness[Main Vilian sounds a bit like Seelkaddom from Sonic RPG]
Thunder the Fox

You can replay to this topic now.

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Robbie The HedgeBoy Game NOT FINSHED
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