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PostSubject: Demographics   Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:05 am

An initial 1958 population estimate, associated with Chetwynd's application for incorporation, recorded 750 residents—inclusive of nearby work camps.[2] The 1966 Canadian census, the first to define Chetwynd as a distinct subdivision, counted 1,368 residents.[20] Subsequent census counts documented a low of 1,260 people in 1971 before a population boom between 1977 and 1983 during the construction of Tumbler Ridge and the Peace Canyon Dam. The population count slowly declined for the remainder of the 1980s before rising to a high of 3,113 in 1996; nevertheless, the population declined in the late 1990s during the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber dispute when several mills either scaled back production or closed.
Canada 2006 Census[1]
Chetwynd British Columbia
Median age 32.8 years 40.8 years
Under 15 years old 23% 17%
Between 25 and 44 years old 30% 27%
Over 65 years old 7% 14%
Population growth, 2001–06 1.8% 5.3%
Household size 2.6 2.5
According to the 2006 Canadian census, Chetwynd had 2,633 residents living in 1,025 households.[1] With a median age four years lower than the province's, the population of Chetwynd is young. About 6% more people were single (and never married) and 4% less lived in lone-parent households than the province's proportion. According to the 2001 and 2006 census, while Chetwynd had an increase of 35 families, it had a decrease of 85 lone-parent families and an increase of the same number of common-law families. During the same period, the portion of dwellings being owned shifted from 50% to 62%, while the provincial proportion rose from 67% to 70%.[21][1] The last complete census, the 2001 Canadian census, found that less than 5% of Chetwynd residents were foreign-born, and 90% of residents had an English-only mother tongue. While not counted as visible minorities during the census, 670 people considered themselves to have an Aboriginal identity, much higher than the provincial 4% average.[21]

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