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 Breakup and reconciliation

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PostSubject: Breakup and reconciliation   Breakup and reconciliation EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 7:08 am

On 14 April 2007 The Sun newspaper broke a "world exclusive" suggesting that Prince William and Kate Middleton had split up.[14] Other media outlets such as the BBC confirmed the story as the day progressed. The couple decided to break up during a holiday in the Swiss resort of Zermatt.[15][16]
Clarence House made only one comment about the relationship's end, according to The Times, stating, "We don't comment on Prince William's private life."[17] Newspapers speculated about the reasons for the split, although these reports relied on anonymous sources. The original report in The Sun quoted a "close friend of the couple" as saying that Middleton felt William had not been paying her enough attention. The paper highlighted reports that William had been spending time with other young women, and said the Prince, aged 24 at the time of the split, felt he was too young to marry.[18]
A report in the Daily Mail blamed a desire by royal courtiers not to "hurry along" a marriage announcement, and William's desire to enjoy his bachelor status within his Army career. The Mail also suggested that William's friend Guy Pelly encouraged the Prince to take a "careless approach" to relationships. The same article suggested that Middleton had "expected too much" in wanting William to demonstrate his commitment to her.[19]

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Breakup and reconciliation
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