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 Construction and early operations

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Construction and early operations Empty
PostSubject: Construction and early operations   Construction and early operations EmptyTue Nov 30, 2010 12:13 am

With a railway near the border of Wotton House estate, the 3rd Duke decided to build a small-scale agricultural railway to connect the estate to the railway.[22] His intended route ran on his own land other than a small stretch west of the Aylesbury and Buckingham line. This land was owned by the Winwood Charity Trust, an operator of almshouses in Quainton of which the Duke was a trustee.[18][23] The Duke agreed to pay an annual rent of £12 (about £900 as of 2010), in return for permission to run trains.[13][18] With the consent of the Winwood Charity the route did not require Parliamentary approval, and construction could begin immediately.[19]
The Duke envisaged a tramway west from Quainton Road railway station across his Wotton estate. The line was intended for transport of construction materials and agricultural produce and not for passengers.[9] It would not have a junction with the Aylesbury and Buckingham railway but would have its own station at Quainton Road at a right angle to the A&B's line.[18] A turntable at the end of the tramway would link to a spur from the A&B's line.[18] The line was to run roughly southwest from Quainton Road to a Wotton railway station near Wotton Underwood. Just west of the station at Wotton the line split. One section would run west to Wood Siding near Brill. A short stub called Church Siding would run northwest into Wotton Underwood itself, terminating near the parish church, and a 1 mile 57 chain (2.8 km) siding would run north to a coal siding near Kingswood.[24] The branch to Kingswood was routed to pass a pond, to allow the horses working the line to drink.[25]

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Construction and early operations
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