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Removal of the factious regency stabilized the government. With a legitimate monarch on the throne, authority was vested in a single, clear voice.[72] Pedro II perceived his role as that of an arbiter, keeping personal views from hindering his duty to untangle partisan political disputes.[72] The young Emperor was diligent in his new role, making daily personal inspections and visits to government branches. His subjects were impressed by his seeming self-confidence,[72] although his shyness and lack of social grace were considered flaws. His reticence in only offering a word or two at a time rendered direct conversation with him extremely difficult.[73] His taciturn nature manifested a caution in close relationships that traced to incidents of abandonment, intrigue and betrayal experienced during his childhood.[74]
Behind the scenes, a group of high ranking palace servants and notable politicians became known as the "Courtier Faction" as they established influence over the young Emperor—and some were very close indeed.[75] Pedro II was deftly used by the courtiers to eliminate their foes (actual or suspected) by obtaining the dismissal of rivals. Access to his person by rival politicians and the flow of information he received were strictly controlled. A continuous round of meetings, study, personal appearances and government business, used as distractions, kept the Emperor occupied, effectively isolating and keeping him unaware of being exploited.[76]

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