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Daniel Lambert was born at his parents' house in Blue Boar Lane, Leicester, on 13 March 1770.[3][n 2] His father, also named Daniel Lambert, had been the huntsman to Harry Grey, 4th Earl of Stamford,[5] and at the time of his son's birth was the keeper of Leicester's gaol.[3] The eldest of four children, Daniel Lambert had two sisters, and a brother who died young.[6]
At the age of eight he was a keen swimmer,[7] and for much of his life he taught local children to swim.[8] Lambert's paternal uncle—like his father—also worked with animals, but as a professional gamekeeper; his maternal grandfather was a breeder of champion fighting cocks.[6] Lambert grew up with a strong interest in field sports,[6] and was particularly fond of otter hunting, fishing, shooting and horse racing.[9] From his early teens Lambert was a keen sportsman[6] and by his late teens he was considered an expert in the breeding of hunting dogs.[10]
In 1784 he was apprenticed to Messrs Taylor & Co, an engraving and die casting works in Birmingham owned by a Mr Benjamin Patrick.[5] The engraved buckles and buttons in which Patrick's factory specialised became unfashionable, however, and the business went into decline.[10] In 1788 Lambert returned to Leicester, to serve as his father's assistant at the gaol[5] (some sources date Lambert's return to Leicester to 1791, following the destruction of the building housing Messrs Taylor & Co in the Priestley Riots of July 1791).[10] His father retired soon afterwards and Lambert succeeded him as gaol keeper.[11] The younger Daniel Lambert was a much-respected gaoler; he befriended many of the prisoners, and made every effort to help them when they went to trial.[11][n 3]

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