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Lambert's girth was then enormous; six men of normal size could fit together inside his waistcoat,[19] and each of his stockings was the size of a sack.[3] His £50 annuity did not adequately cover his living costs, and his size prevented him from working.[20] He became a virtual recluse.[21] Stories of his bulk had by then begun to spread, and travellers visiting Leicester would use various pretexts to visit his home. One such visitor asked Lambert's servant to allow him entry as he wished to ask Lambert's advice about fighting cocks; Lambert leaned out of the window and told the servant to "tell the gentleman that I am a shy cock".[22] On another occasion he admitted into his house a Nottingham man who sought his advice about a mare's pedigree; on realising the man was only visiting to look at him, Lambert told him that the horse in question was "by Impertinence out of Curiosity".[16]
Sensitive about his weight, Daniel Lambert refused to allow himself to be weighed, but sometime around 1805, some friends persuaded him to come with them to a cock fight in Loughborough. Once he had squeezed his way into their carriage, the rest of the party drove the carriage onto a large weighing machine and jumped out. After deducting the weight of the (previously weighed) empty carriage, they calculated that Lambert's weight was now 50 stone (700 lb; 318 kg), and that he had thus overtaken Edward Bright, the 616-pound (279 kg) "Fat Man of Maldon",[23] as the heaviest authenticated person in recorded history.[20][24]

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