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  Effects of Hurricane Dean in the Greater Antilles

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 Effects of Hurricane Dean in the Greater Antilles Empty
PostSubject: Effects of Hurricane Dean in the Greater Antilles    Effects of Hurricane Dean in the Greater Antilles EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 10:55 pm

Hurricane warnings were issued for all of Jamaica,[51] for Haiti from Port-au-Prince to the Dominican border,[52] and for the Dominican Republic from Barahona to the Haitian border.[53] Tropical Storm warnings were issued for the rest of Hispaniola[54] and for coastal Cuba between Camagüey and Guantánamo.[55] Hundreds of thousands were evacuated from vulnerable low-lying and coastal areas[56] and disaster management programs were activated throughout the Greater Antilles.[57][58][59]
Jamaica, which was forecast to bear the brunt of Hurricane Dean, underwent the most extensive preparations. The Jamaican government executed long-standing evacuation plans, including converting the country's national arena into a shelter and relocating inmates from two maximum security prisons.[60] Political parties in the island suspended their campaigning for the August 27 national elections, to allow residents to prepare for the storm.[61] Curfews were put in place for parts of the island, while off-duty essential personnel were called back to work. More than 1,000 schools and churches were converted to emergency shelters, but residents only occupied 47 of them before the storm's arrival. Evidently the country's high crime rate led islanders to fear for their belongings should they abandon their homes.[62][63] UNICEF prepared 4 emergency health kits and 1,000 water containers and Copa Airlines agreed to fly the supplies to Jamaica on its scheduled August 22 flight, if possible. The World Food Program prepared food stocks in nearby Haiti, ready to move them to Jamaica if they were needed.[58] The United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team tried to reach Jamaica, but only one member arrived before all incoming flights were canceled.[58] The United States confirmed that it would offer aid if it was needed,[64] and the North-West Caribbean Donor Group met to decide what actions would need to be taken.[59]

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Effects of Hurricane Dean in the Greater Antilles
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