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The wicket ended a period of suffering for O’Reilly at the hands of Bradman, who had hit many fours and sixes from him. Bradman’s counter-attack came after he had been dropped twice from O’Reilly’s bowling before reaching 30 by Wingello’s captain Selby Jeffery. On the first occasion, the ball hit Jeffery in the chest while he was lighting his pipe; soon after the skipper failed to see the ball "in a dense cloud of bluish smoke" as he puffed on his tobacco.[30] The match was the start of a long on-field relationship between the pair, who were to regard one another as the best in the world in their fields.[17] O’Reilly recalled that Bradman "knew what the game was all about".[31]
O’Reilly did not enjoy his time at the overcrowded Sydney Teachers College (STC), decrying the lack of practical training and the predominance of pedagogical theory. Regarding it as a waste of time, he happily accepted an offer of work experience from Major Cook-Russell, the head of physical education at STC, to help at Naremburn College instead of attending lectures. This angered Professor Alexander Mackie, the head of STC, whom both Cook-Russell and O’Reilly regarded as incompetent.[32]

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