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 UNcharted: Golden Abyss

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PostSubject: UNcharted: Golden Abyss    UNcharted: Golden Abyss  EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 9:39 pm

Not particularly liking what Bend is doing with this:
I mean it looks good but...
Compared to previous games, this looks like it's focusing mostly on motion based game play . It wasn't successful with Move and IDK why they want it in a game like Uncharted. From what I've seen, It looks more like Uncharted 1. I was hoping for more of those epic set pieces from Uncharted 2 and 3.
But there's my rant. On its own, it looks great, and it's the best Vita game so far. And it's Uncharted so it would be an insta-buy...if I had a vita.., and it came out anytime soon.

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UNcharted: Golden Abyss
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