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 Early railways in the Aylesbury Vale

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Early railways in the Aylesbury Vale Empty
PostSubject: Early railways in the Aylesbury Vale   Early railways in the Aylesbury Vale EmptyTue Nov 30, 2010 12:13 am

On 15 June 1839 entrepreneur and former Member of Parliament for Buckingham, Sir Harry Verney, 2nd Baronet, opened the Aylesbury Railway.[4] Built under the direction of Robert Stephenson,[16] it connected the London and Birmingham Railway's Cheddington railway station on the West Coast Main Line to Aylesbury High Street railway station in eastern Aylesbury, the first station in the Aylesbury Vale.[6] On 1 October 1863 the Wycombe Railway opened a branch from Princes Risborough railway station to Aylesbury railway station on the western side of Aylesbury, leaving Aylesbury as the terminus of two small and unconnected branch lines.[6]
Meanwhile, north of Aylesbury the Buckinghamshire Railway was being built by Sir Harry Verney.[17] The scheme consisted of a line running southwest to northeast from Oxford to Bletchley and a second southeast from Brackley via Buckingham to join the Oxford–Bletchley line halfway along its length.[18] The first section opened on 1 May 1850, and the whole on 20 May 1851.[18] The Buckinghamshire Railway intended to extend the line south to the station at Aylesbury but the extension was not built.[4]
On 6 August 1860 the Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway, with the 3rd Duke (then still Marquess of Chandos) as chairman and Sir Harry Verney as deputy chairman, was incorporated by Act of Parliament to connect the Buckinghamshire Railway (now operated by the LNWR) to Aylesbury.[18] The 2nd Duke ensured the new route ran via Quainton, near his estates around Wotton, instead of a more direct route via Pitchcott.[19][20] Beset by financial difficulties, the line took over eight years to build, eventually opening on 23 September 1868.[18] The new line was connected to the Wycombe Railway's Aylesbury station, and joined the Buckinghamshire Railway where the Oxford–Bletchley line and the line to Buckingham met.[18] A junction station was built. With no nearby town after which to name the new station, it was named Verney Junction railway station after Sir Harry.[21] Aylesbury now had railway lines to the east, north and southwest, but no line southeast towards London and the Channel ports.

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Early railways in the Aylesbury Vale
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